How to Find the Best Portable Generator

When we plan out a purchase, we tend to become bogged down by specific requirements or functions that we want the product to have; often, we struggle to find a product that satisfies both those requirements or functions, as well as the other standard functions.

Luckily, finding the quietest portable generator available is not as difficult as it may sound outright. Manufacturers have been steadily introducing the best portable generators ever built, as well as the more versatile and functional for the modern world.

Below, you will find advice on how to find the best portable generator for you.

First, decide what use(s) this portable generator will be used for. Examples are: natural disasters, regional or local blackouts, the occasional home power failure, camping or cabin use, outdoor events, street performing, off-grid living, recreational vehicle (RV) use, for emergency vehicle or appliance power, power for construction sites, or as an every-day function such as use on a farm or for field work relating to your hobby or employment.

Second, make sure you know what kind of equipment you will likely or potentially be hooking up to this portable generator. Examples of usage include: cell phones, laptops, battery chargers (these would need USB ports on the generator); lighting equipment (12V outlets would be needed, for instance); appliances; jumping or charging an automobile battery (there are portable generators that have the specific attachments for this use); providing power to your RV; charging your fully electric smart car; powering heavy equipment on a farm, where grid power is not available across acres of land; outdoor entertainment equipment for music, cooking gear, stereo systems, or signs; specialized lighting and equipment for field work such as anthropology or archaeology digs, police work, construction lighting and power for nighttime use; powering tools at construction sites; or for your own personal electronics for your hobbies or entertainment.

The pinning down of the larger and more specific uses you want out of a portable generator is the most important process before searching for a generator to buy. You will also need to make sure that the equipment that will be hooked up will be able to receive the power it needs in Wattage.

Third, is what type of charging you want the portable generator to have. For example, is it more convenient for your portable generator to be plugged into a home outlet to electrically charge before use; is it better to have a gas-powered generator; or is a solar-charged generator best? Deciding how to charge the actual portable generator is very important–the generators are not infinite in power–they too must be charged before being moved around as a portable generator of electricity.

Only you will be able to decide which is best. For camping, outdoor, and off-grid living, solar panel portable generators are likely the best option for you. Since you would not have an outlet to use or the room or ability to obtain gasoline, the only option left is solar. Solar generators are excellent, since they are lightweight, provide a constant source of power without having to use electricity or gas to power up the generator again, and they tend to be the quietest portable generators on the market, along with some electric models.

Once you have decided on these big three decisions of overall intended usage, specific equipment that will be hooked up to the generator, and the type of charge you should have for generator to store its energy for use; then you can begin searching for a portable generator. You will find that it will be a much easier search once you know if you want.As an example, if you narrow down your search and find that you need a solar-panel portable generator with USB ports, 12V outlets, a cell phone port, and intended usage for frequent use for off-the-grid cabin living or camping, then you will find many matches very quickly. The last thing you should do is to read the generator reviews provided by sites like Generator Advisor.

From there, it is a matter of budget and you choosing the one best suited to your needs.

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