10 WordPress Themes You’re Gonna Love

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There are so many options out there for WordPress themes. It really depends on what your focus is. Or what you need the theme for. There are plenty of websites that offer lots of options and you can decide what you want you want it to look like. You can go for a very basic, utilitarian look, an elegant look, fun, flashy, niche specific. There are as many options as there is imagination, but w will focus on the top ten.

Oshine – visually it’s great, can handle very complicated websites, from the small solo business owner, to complicated corporate websites. There theme is also intuitive and easy to use, thus making the need to code knowledge unnecessary. It’s good for personal or commercial use and any size business.

Shopkeeper – Trendy and elegant. This has a flexible layout that can adjust automatically on different devise and different sized screens. It’s very good for newbies as well, with it’s several pre made pages and layouts, it makes it easy to custom design your pages, giving you a professional look but without the professional hassle and price. It’s also combined with Visual Composer allowing you to add different design elements.

X-The Theme– Known as the theme that is likely to be the last theme you’ll ever purchase. With it’s multiple designs and something they call stacks, which will help you create a very distinct and unique website, there are only four you can currently pick, but as new ones become available you have access to it for free. The premise behind this is to make it so no two websites are the same.

Kalium – This is perfect for portfolios and blogs. The pages are easily navigable and very streamlined. As you will be judged by your pages this theme guarantees that the judgement will be in your favor. If you are using this theme to showcase your portfolio it is perfect. You can add custom animation, effects, and transitions, also allowing you to add to he wow factor of your page.

Amax – This is more nuts and bolts, but it offers a lot of different options no matter what type of business you have. Allowing you to change and update as much as you’d like. With a multi-purpose themes and with creative control, you can make it look exactly as you like, as well as being able to update and change it easily to suit your tastes.

Uncode – This is basically your entire webpage in a box. You have everything you need to make gorgeous pages, and sophisticated designs. As complicated as it might look, you don’t have to enter one line of code.

Brixton –  The visuals of this one seem to be geared more toward fashion, but it can be used for any business that requires a minimalist, modern, sleek design for their webpage. It is very sophisticated and it looks like the shops you see on the high street, but only as a visual representation. In other words, it’s beautiful

Azoom – This offers a lot to those who prefer animation on their websites as well as incorporating WooCommerce, this isn’t offered on some of the other themes. This theme also allows you to create a distinct online shop.

Avada – This is also another general theme, for any type if business, it’s simple, clean and easy to use. It is one of the most sold on WordPress, but with their many options, you can still make your page stand out from the crowd.


There you have it, ten of the most loved WordPress themes! Pick the one you think will work best for your site. There are so many, it almost makes one want to create several websites!